A new Boeing 777 is added by Etihad Cargo to expand their services

Meet Boeing 777 in the fleet of Etihad Cargo

The delivery of a new aircraft Boeing 777 to Abu Dhabi, the UAE was completed by the logistics giant Etihad Cargo. As the representatives of the company said, it is a part of their expansion policy in the region. They hope to extend the range of facilities and add new flights to their schedule network. The freights are planned to transports the cargos to and from Abu Dhabi. Another freighter was planned to be added to the Abu Dhabi airport in March 2016. As a result, they want to grow their share in the market and expand the specialist cargo services. The price of the first of two aircrafts delivered totals $637 million.

white and red passenger plane flying in the sky during daytime

In accordance with the current strategy, Etihad keeps expanding their presence in Asia, South America, and Africa. Kevin Knight as a leading strategy and planning officer became the author of the idea. The current fleet owned by Etihad Cargo in the region consists of:

  • Boeing model 747s (3 units)
  • Boeing model 777Fs (3 units)
  • Airbus model A330s (4 units).

The company works with the destination all over the globe. There are flights of Etihad from Abu Dhabi to:

  • Houston (the USA)
  • Hahn (Germany)
  • Sharjah (the UAE)
  • Dakar (Senegal)
  • Hanoi (Vietnam)
  • Guangzhou (China)
  • San Juan (Puerto Rico)
  • Nouakchott (Mauritania), etc.

Etihad: general information about the company

EC offers a wide variety of airfreight facilities of the highest quality. The firm was established in 2004. It is a division of Etihad Airways. The offices of the firm are located in Houston, Dallas, Miami, New York, and other US cities. There are also offices throughout the globe, including Europe, Asia, Middle East, India, etc.

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Etihad Cargo helps the customers find new international routes for the transportation. The total passenger fleet of the company totals over 100 freighters. 10 special freighters are used for the scheduled cargo flights. The number of cargo and passenger destinations of Etihad Cargo achieves 130 locations. 11 of them are applied only as the freight destinations. The company works with various types of cargo, such as general, valuable, and special.

Etihad Cargo continues its development and expansion all over the world purchasing more aircrafts and opening new routes for their transportations. In 2017, they became a Cargo Airline of the Year according to the decision of World Air Cargo Awards.