New bombardier trains should be immediately delivered to the territory of Saudi Arabia

As a result of the preliminary agreement, the DHL freight company must deliver nearly 50 sets of trains to the territory of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. For many years, the transport service forwarded cargo by air and sea. The delivery department plans to send each train by DHL to Mexico separately, using the sea freight network, using a Canadian intermediary company.

The length of the distance is 14,000 kilometers and will be treated as one of the longest logistics routes.

All about Dammam: where the bombardier trains are to be delivered?

train running on railroad during daytime timelapse photography

The third largest and most populated city in the country is Dammam. It is the capital of the eastern region of Saudi Arabia, located on the shore of the Persian Gulf. Together with Dharan and Al-Khobar, it is part of the Triple City. Thus, a large urban agglomeration was formed.

Historians have found out that the first settlements appeared here more than 2 thousand years ago, but all more or less obvious traces of ancient peoples are covered with sands.

At the beginning of the 20th century, a small village appeared on this place, the inhabitants of which were engaged in fishing and pearl mining. A small port appeared on the shore. In the 1930s, the largest oil field in the world was discovered on this place. The village quickly turned into a modern metropolis.

Not far from the coast are the islands of Darin and Tarut, on which are preserved the ruins of ancient port buildings and the remains of the old fort.

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There are more than 700,000 people in the city and about 2 million more in the neighborhood.

Dammam is a modern metropolis, strewn with multi-storey skyscrapers, shopping complexes and office centers. On the coast is the largest port in the Persian Gulf, and 20 km to the north of the city is the world’s largest airport.

In addition to the oil refining industry, which is the dominant industry, the recreation and entertainment industry is actively developing here. Although Saudi Arabia is still a separate and closed country, every year there are more and more holidaymakers on local beaches.

In the city, you can visit the numerous shopping and entertainment centers and the magnificent park of King Fada, as well as the National Museum, a large zoo and the Dammam Heritage Museum.

Nature lovers will be delighted with the cliff that hangs over the settlement. Having climbed it, you can enjoy a stunning bird’s eye view of the city.

Cargo delivery: Dammam news

The Canadian intermediary company, which DHL plans to use, will deliver the trains to the point where the cargo needs to be fully unpacked. A company called Bombardier is a well-known enterprise that specializes in aerospace and transportation. DHL is a German company. In this case, it is a question of its subdivision. This transport DHL company is considered the largest in the world today.