The Thunder Horse project of BP has started 11 months ahead of the schedule

BP is a global energy company, which operates all over the world. They work in more than 70 countries and have about 75,000 people working on them. The key purpose of the firm is the production of oil and gas both on land and offshore, in order to provide the customers with the safe and effective energy (such as heat, light, and mobility). The products of the company are applied in various fields including the general households, mobile devices, food packaging, etc.

The company plays an important role in the complex problems solving. They build their strategy in accordance with the customers’ demands, new technologies, and policy. The key principles of BP are:

  • respect
  • safety
  • courage
  • one team.

The history of the firm started in 1908 with the discovery of the oil deposits in Persia. They worked with coil and oil, onshore and deep waters on different stages of their development.

black and gray rocks during daytime

BP is an owner of various companies all over the world, which deal with chemicals, oil and gas, lubricants, and so on. The company has partners and customers around the globe:

  • the USA
  • Europe (including Germany, the UK, Spain)
  • China
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • India
  • Australia.

With the changes in the prices and the growing demand for the energy resources, it is vital to apply modern technologies. Working in conformity with the customers’ expectations is the key strategy of the firm.

The portfolio of the company is characterized by the good balance of oil and gas in the upstream.

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BP Thunder horse platform

The company prefers working with the cost-competitive projects, for example, the light oil. The latest has high deliverability, which makes it easier to produce. One of the prominent projects of BP is Thunder horse. It is situated in the Gulf of Mexico. The Thunder Horse platform became one of the greatest deepwater projects because of the short cycle time for the development.

BP: the latest news from the media

According to the received data, the project known as Thunder Horse South Expansion has started 11 months ahead of the schedule, which is a sign of the renewed commitment to the exploration of the deepwater deposits. It is one of the several important projects of the BP firm. It is expected to bring about $150 million to the budget of the company. The works in the Gulf of Mexico prove the fact that this region is still one of the most important parts of the BP’s global portfolio. It is also supported by the latest project of the company – Mad Dog Phase 2. As the CEO of BP claims, these initiatives together with the other international agreements indicate the growth and progress of the firm as well as their desire to build a strong foundation for the future.

BP aims at reaching the production amount of 800,000 barrels by 2020. The representatives say that the BP Thunder horse rig should add about 50,000 barrels. Besides, a new subsea production system is applied here.

The fast development of the project proves the opportunity to fulfill the deepwater works in a cost-effective way. As Richard Morrison (the president of the firm) says, it will also allow enlarging the production capacity with the help of the existing assets of the BP company.

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