The Break bulk Americas forum 2015 in Houston turned to be another success

Being the largest exhibition devoted to the whole logistics sphere, Break bulk in Houston always causes a real attention. The forum carried out in Houston in 2015 continued the tradition allowing the participants developing their businesses, finding new knowledge, and discussing the existing problems of the field.

During the event, plenty of sponsorship, advertising, and exhibition opportunities were available for the visitors. Among the organizers, there were:

  • Christian Thompson (the Event Director for the Break bulk conference in 2015)
  • Deb Capone (the sales manager)
  • Kathleen Pinson (the sales manager)
  • Robert Janusauskas (responsible for the advertising sales).

people watching at a room

The Break bulk event 2015 took place at George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston, TX. It was scheduled for the 5-8 of October. The number of guests of the forum exceeded 5,000 people. There were representatives of transportation companies (specializing in air cargo, sea, and land transportation), cargo owners, ports authorities, reporters, editors, etc. Consider a list of several participants:

  • Bertling
  • GE Global Operations
  • Mammoet USA South, Inc.
  • Port of Lake Charles
  • Sarens Group
  • CH2M Hill
  • Suez Canal Authority
  • CB&I
  • Port of Houston Authority, etc.

As usual, the program of such event in Houston in 2015 was rich. It included the following facilities:

  • conference sessions
  • business runs
  • trade shows
  • exhibitions
  • leadership summit
  • golf tournament
  • micro-seminars
  • educational workshops.

The issues observed during the Break bulk event in Houston in October 2015 included:

  • land and barge transportation
  • project cargo management
  • ocean transport
  • export packing
  • logistics industry outlook
  • transportation and installation challenges
  • marine contracts of carriage
  • marine offloading and offshore storage
  • oil prices troubles
  • modern lifting solutions, etc.
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Within the framework of the Break bulk event in Houston in October 2015, the participants managed:

  • to analyze the problems of the logistics field
  • to discuss various issues
  • to exchange knowledge, ideas, and experience
  • to build new connections.

The Break bulk Americas forum turned to be one of the greatest events in Houston in October 2015. It had a significant impact on the sphere of logistics in North America contributing to its development. It was even more successful than Break bulk Americas 2014.

The detailed information concerning the schedule and topics discussed is available on the official website of the event.

The Break bulk forum and conference in Houston: general information


The Break bulk Americas event is considered to be one of the most important forums for the whole logistics field as it has an influence on every side of it allowing modernizing, developing, and improving the sphere in various directions. The first Break bulk conference in Houston was organized more than 25 years ago achieving the great success.

Break bulk Americas is usually visited by:

  • sponsors
  • media representatives
  • exhibitors
  • speakers
  • members of the VIP Shipper Club, etc.

The Break bulk forum is often referred to as an exhibition because lots of companies and individuals can share their ideas, plans, achievements, research works, knowledge, and even practical skills by means of conference sessions in Houston, discussions, analysis, reports, seminars, tech zones, and workshops.

All of the above allow achieving the following aims:

  • to expand the network and find new connections/partners
  • to develop the Break bulk industry
  • to improve the ways of cargo handling and transportation by various means
  • to find new ways of dealing with the current problems.
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The first Break bulk forum, which was carried out over 25 years ago, was extremely effective and brought wonderful results to the logistics field. Thus, Break bulk Americas became known all over the globe, while the forum turned into a tradition. Today the events of such type are organized in different parts of the world:

  • China
  • the UAE
  • Turkey
  • Europe, etc.

The first Break bulk Europe was carried out in 2006. This forum is also an annual event.

The North American event is always attended by the large organizations and companies, which are both national and international. The success of 2015 forum is indisputable. The next Break bulk Americas in Houston, Texas is planned for the 26-29 of October 2016.