Break bulk 2016 took place in September demonstrating the development of the industry

The annual forum known as Break bulk America was carried out in Houston, Texas in 2016. The Expo was scheduled for the 26-29 of September. As usual, the event was visited by the representatives of various companies and organizations, such as:

  • Sarens Group
  • Port of Houston Authority
  • International Trade & Transportation, Inc.
  • CB&I
  • FMC Technologies
  • Break bulk Events & Media
  • American Institute for International Steel, etc.

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Break bulk 2016 in Houston was full of interesting events including:

  • traditional Break bulk conference
  • micro-seminars
  • business runs
  • exhibitions
  • showcases
  • workshops
  • a golf tournament (an additional way to entertain the guests).

The professionals of the logistics industry discussed plenty of important issues, such as:

  • land and barge transportation
  • freight management
  • oil prices and geopolitical turmoil
  • logistics supply chain
  • Break bulk cargoes problems in North America, etc.

The participants shared their knowledge, ideas, and skills. The Break bulk Americas in Houston, Texas that year allowed expanding the network between the representatives of the logistics field. It also helped build better cooperation of the companies from different parts of the country.

Americas Break bulk forum: general information

Break bulk Americas event is one of the most significant forums for all the representatives of the logistics field. The first Expo was organized over 25 years ago and brought great success and the opportunity for more efficient development of the sphere.

The Break bulk forum is usually attended by:

  • sponsors
  • cargo owners
  • representatives of the media
  • exhibitors
  • speakers
  • the VIP Shipper Club’s members of the VIP Shipper Club, etc.
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The event is often called an exhibition because various companies, organizations, and individuals can share their plans, achievements, research works, ideas, knowledge, and skills by means of:

  • Break bulk conference sessions
  • discussions
  • analysis
  • reports
  • seminars and workshops (where it is possible to get practical knowledge), and so on.

All of the above allow achieving several goals:

  • building a larger network
  • improving the existing ways of cargo handling
  • finding new ways of facing the current problems
  • developing the Break bulk industry.

The first event of such type appeared to be extremely efficient and brought good results to the logistics field making Break bulk worldwide known. It pushed the organizers to continue carrying out the forums and to turn the event into a tradition.

What’s more, the success of Break bulk Americas provoked the following development of the event transferring it to China, the UAE, Europe and some other countries. The first Break bulk Europe was organized in 2006. Today it is also carried out every year.

The American forum is usually attended by the large companies, which are known worldwide. The success of 2016 event is indisputable. The results of the forum, the interviews of the participants, and the other detailed information are always available on the Break bulk America official website.