John Amos became a participant of the Break bulk Americas forum in 2016

John Amos was one of the participants of the famous Break bulk event, which took place in September of 2016 in Houston. This man is a worldwide known consultant in the sphere of logistics & transportation. His specialization contains planning, operation, and regulation. The experience of J. Amos is really great. It totals over 40 years and covers several fields:

  • procurement
  • air freight
  • sea transportation
  • construction management
  • land transportation.

During his career, he has taken both international and North American positions.

man in black jacket sitting on red chair

Amos was among the Bechtel Corporation’s staff for more than 25 years. The last position of the specialist in that organization was global head of transportation and logistics functions. After leaving Bechtel, he was appointed as the North American Director of Business Development for Danzas Corporation.

What’s more, in 2001, John Amos founded his own firm called Amos Logistics. The latest is located in Pleasant Hill, California and offers consulting services for the transportation industry.

During the Break bulk conference of 2016, John Amos was responsible for the opening and closing remarks.

Break bulk Americas 2016: general information

The Break bulk forum is carried out every year. It was first organized more than 25 years ago. In 2016, it was planned for the 26-29 of September in Houston, Texas. Many people participated in the most important event of the logistics industry. There were plenty of representatives of the big companies and organizations from the logistics field.

There were lots of facilities available for the visitors:

  • conference sessions
  • workshops
  • seminars
  • business runs
  • exhibitions
  • showcases.
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Lots of issues were discussed during the Break bulk event in 2016. They were:

  • land/barge transportation
  • Break bulk cargo troubles
  • oil prices decrease
  • freight management, etc.

Break bulk Americas allows building new connections and sharing knowledge and experience, thus, contributing to the development of logistics.