Joseph Bonney from the Journal of Commerce (JOC) was among the Break bulk 2016 participants

Break bulk Americas is an annual event. The tradition started over 25 years ago. Today the corresponding forums are carried out in Europe, China, the UAE, and the other parts of the world. In 2016, the event was planned for the 26-29 of September. Lots of people took part in the most important forum for the logistics industry. There were plenty of influential companies and individuals, such as cargo owners, haulers, media representatives, and the others.

audience in a conference

Plenty of facilities were available for the participants, such as conference, workshops, seminars, business runs, showcases, and exhibitions.

Lots of issues were discussed during the Break bulk event in 2016. They were:

  • land and barge transportations
  • the problems connected with oil prices decrease
  • freight management, etc.

The Break bulk Americas forum opens new opportunities for the development of the industry. It allows finding new connections as well as sharing skills, knowledge, and experience.

Joseph Bonney: the bulk journal editor

Joseph Boney is known as an experienced specialist in the spheres of transportation and trade. He is currently a Senior Editor of the Journal of Commerce. The latest is a part of the IHS Maritime & Trade group. His works cover various issues, such as:

  • ports
  • drayage, etc.

All the topics covered by him have a great influence on the logistics field all over the globe. Joseph Bonney used to take the following positions:

  • managing editor (both in JOC and in the American Shipper magazine)
  • Gulf Coast correspondent (in JOC)
  • columnist (in JOC)
  • newsman (in the Associated Press)
  • editor-in-chief (in JOC)
  • reporter (for the Clarion-Ledger newspaper)
  • business editor (for The Clarion-Ledger).
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Boney is also one of the authors of a 50-year history of containerized shipping.

During the Break bulk forum of 2016, the specialist participated in the special session (the Super Steel Panel). The other issue concerned the Trade Policy in 2016. His participation also made a significant impact on the development of the logistics sphere.