Break bulk 2017 offered lots of interesting opportunities for the participants

The Break bulk Americas forum of 2017 was scheduled for the 17-19 of October in Houston, Texas. The event was organized on a big territory to provide the participants with lots of interesting information and practical knowledge meeting their expectations.

As you can see on the plan, the place is divided into several areas. The largest part is occupied by various companies and organizations, for instance:

  • Port Corpus Christi
  • Port of Rotterdam
  • Hyster Company
  • Konecranes Lift Trucks
  • KSPC
  • Frontier Services Group, etc.

gray microphone in room

The representatives of such organizations visit the event to share their ideas, research work, skills, and knowledge. As usual, the visitors come to take part in:

  • conference sessions
  • micro-seminars
  • showcases
  • BusinessRuns
  • discussions, etc.

The TechZone of the event is situated straight to the left from the entrance. If you go along the hall, you will see Maritime Workers’ Relief Display from the right of you. Turning left and going to the end of the hall, the visitors can see the Showcase zone and two photo contests.

There are good facilities to relax in the rear of the hall. There is a large zone with food and beverages in the back left corner. The Conference Suite and Break bulk/ITE& VIP Shipper Lounge are located in the right back corner of the hall. Coming a bit back from the Conference Suit to the entrance, you can see Break bulk Studios. If the visitors move forward a bit, they will see the catering area. The separate lavatories for men and women are situated near the entrance and in the back part of the hall for the comfort of the visitors.

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To find out more about the facilities available and the companies visited the Break bulk forum in Houston in 2016 and 2017, see the floor plans. There are many details about the agenda and the subjects discussed on the official website of the forum as well.

Americas Break bulk: general information about the event

Break bulk Americas is a significant event for all the representatives of logistics. It is usually referred to as an exhibition because there are plenty of companies, the representatives of which come here to share ideas, knowledge, skills, and to expend the network of the sphere.

The forum is attended by:

  • sponsors
  • cargo owners
  • the VIP Shipper Club’s members
  • representatives of the media
  • exhibitors
  • speakers.

The program of the event always includes:

  • conference
  • seminars
  • showcases
  • exhibitions
  • workshops, etc.

All of the above allow not just exchanging the information but also analyzing the current problems in the logistics field and finding effective solutions. Thus, the Expo is aimed at providing cooperation, logistics development, and expansion of businesses.

The first Break bulk event was organized over 25 years ago. Today it is a worldwide known forum, which is carried out not just in America, but also in Europe, China, the UAE, etc. It is organized every year as a traditional event.

Break bulk Americas will continue its growth and expansion. It gives the companies all over the globe a chance to build new connections and to solve significant problems of the field of logistics, which always create obstacles for the development of the sector.

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