Break bulk Americas visited Houston, Texas in October of 2017

Break bulk Americas forum is one of the most important events for all the representatives of the logistics sphere. The forum is always attended by various people, such as:

  • media partners
  • exhibitors
  • sponsors
  • speakers
  • the members of the VIP Shipper Club, etc.

It is a kind of exhibition, where you can meet cargo owners, freight forwarders, heavy haulers, the companies producing special equipment, etc. During the event, people can share their knowledge, experience, and ideas for the development of logistics.

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The program of the Break Bulk event usually includes:

  • conference sessions
  • seminars
  • workshops
  • summits
  • showcases, etc.

The first forum of such type was initiated more than 25 years ago. The Break bulk Americas has always been extremely popular and successful. This fact has provoked the following development of the event transferring it to Europe. The first Break bulk Europe was organized in 2006 and repeated the success in America. Besides, the corresponding events are carried out in the other parts of the world including:

  • China
  • the UAE
  • Turkey, etc.

The American forum is usually visited by the large companies, which are known worldwide. The event is carried out every year.

2017 agenda: view the programme

After the success in 2016, the 2017 Break bulk Expo happened in Houston, the state of Texas. As usual, the forum was really impressive and full of interesting events. It was scheduled for the 17-19 of October. Plenty of big companies from the spheres of road, rail, barge, and air transportation, specialized cargo shipping, ports/terminals attended the Break bulk Expo. Among them, there were Summit logistics, Fairbanks, Stepka and associates, Aba Fabrication (a metal supplier in Houston, TX) and the others.

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Among the exhibitors, there were:

  • Volga-Dnepr Unique Air Cargo
  • Tucker Company Worldwide
  • StormGeo (from Houston)
  • Port of Rotterdam Authority, etc.

There were also lots of amazing micro-seminars concerning the following subjects:

  • regulations compliance (with the participation of Mandy Gardiner – the Trade Compliance specialist of the Kiewit company)
  • innovations
  • steel challenges
  • oversize/overweight cargoes problems in North America, etc.

The program also included traditional conference sessions, interesting BusinessRun, workshops (concerning the cargo forwarding, Project Freight Management, etc.), and many other interesting opportunities for the representatives of the sphere.

The Break bulk forum is always aimed at raising of efficiency for the logistics companies, expanding the network opportunities as well as the constant growth and the development of the sphere in general. The other important mission of the Expo is to connect the cargo owners, shippers, and the other specialists from various parts of America allowing them cooperating with each other.

The next Break bulk forum is planned for October of 2018 (from the 2nd to the 5th of October).

According to the forecasts, the next forum in 2018 should be the same successful and even more productive.