Another Break bulk conference took place in China, Shanghai from the 13th to 16th of March 2017

The largest exhibition for the transportation industry was carried out in Shanghai in 2017. The event was scheduled in China for the following dates: the 13, 14, 15, and 16 of March. The China exhibition was organized at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Conference Center.

There were plenty of participants and plain visitors during the forum. There were over 160 exhibitors and sponsors presented. Besides, there were representatives of:

  • freight forwarding companies (national and international)
  • shipping firms
  • VIP shippers’ Club
  • media.

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There were not only advanced professionals but also students and freshmen of the logistics field among the visitors.

As usual, during the event, visitors had a chance to exchange their knowledge, ideas, and plans. They demonstrated their skills and results of work.

The program of the forum was interesting and diverse. The issues discussed were presented by means of:

  • micro-seminars
  • technical workshops
  • conference sessions
  • exhibitions, etc.

The educational day was also planned for the beginners and students.

During the China exhibition, several important issues were observed and discussed:

  • project forwarding
  • project freight management
  • innovations and market challenges
  • improvement of logistics efficiency
  • cargo owner perspectives
  • heavy-load sea transport alternatives
  • China economic and trade outlook
  • heavy-lift transport
  • packing and lashing
  • import-export challenges
  • Ro-Ro rises, etc.

Among the organizers of the forum, there were:

  • Dreamer Wang and Wendy Tao (the Sales Managers of the Break Bulk event in China)
  • Gary Tang (the event director)
  • Eline Xu (the Marketing Executive)
  • Robert Janusauskas (responsible for advertising and sales).

The Break Bulk China in 2017 saw plenty of big companies as the exhibitors, such as:

  • ACC Logistics
  • Agence de Prestations Maritimes
  • Ahlers
  • ALL SEAS Tunisia
  • Aqua-Dragon International Logistics
  • Complant Logistics
  • COSCO Shipping (Xiamen)
  • CTS International Logistics Corporation
  • Deep Sea Freight Services
  • Dr. Shrink
  • Asia Imperial Cargo Logistics
  • Flogis International
  • G2 Ocean
  • GEAR & AXLE Logistics
  • Global Project Logistics Network
  • Guangzhou Huihai Logistics
  • Avatar International Logistics
  • Beluga Projects Logistic, etc.
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The detailed information about Break bulk in China and the preview are available on the official website of the event The details about the agenda and the floor plan might be also found there.

China exhibition: general information about the event


This China exhibition is an annual event, which always attracts various representatives of the logistics field. The organization of the forum turned into a tradition after the success of the corresponding event in the USA.

The program of the China exhibition is always impressive. It usually includes seminars, conference sessions, workshops, tech zones, business runs, etc. Many companies from China and whole Asia come to exhibit the results of their work.

During the event, the visitors can:

  • share ideas and knowledge
  • demonstrate their skills
  • buy bulk in China from various Asian countries (the participants can easily find partners to buy bulk during the China forum)
  • discuss the current problems of logistics, etc.

Such conference is also a wonderful opportunity to expand the logistics network and build new connections between the companies from different parts of Asia. It also contributes to the national and international cooperation.

The forum carried out in 2017 appeared to be extremely successful. The next Break bulk China is planned for the 26-28 of March 2018. The event will definitely attract even more participants and allow solving the existing problems of the break bulk and project cargo industry.