The city of Bremen will meet the Break bulk Europe in spring 2018

Break bulk Europe is an internationally known event, which takes place every year in various European cities. It serves as a kind of hub for those, who are interested in the industry of cargo and break bulk and the professionals of this sphere. Plenty of the representatives of business take part in this event. It is an exhibition, where people can share their knowledge and developments, learn new skills as well as widen the network. The following participants usually attend the Expo:

  • cargo owners
  • sponsors
  • freight forwarders
  • heavy haulers
  • the companies producing special equipment, etc.

gray microphone inside party room

Besides the exposition, the event provides the professionals with lots of workshops with the interesting all-day classes, seminars, and a dynamic conference. All of the above can enlarge the skyline of the development for the companies in Europe.

The great forum always attracts many people. In 2015, their number exceeded 7,000 people. Among them, there were about 350 representatives of the international companies. In 2016, 8,235 professionals attended the conference, which was a real record.

Break bulk Europe was created after the success of Break bulk Americas. It was founded more than 25 years ago, while Break bulk Europe started in 2006.

Break bulk Europe 2017

As well as every year, the Expo was carried out in 2017. The previous forum took place in the city of Antwerp, Belgium. It was a really thrilling event, which was organized with the support of the Port of Antwerp. The forum promised lots of innovations and modernizations in the nearest future. Industry Director for the Transport & Logistics division of ITE Group (which is a parent firm of Break bulk Events & Media) has claimed that they keep investing in the development and look forward to the next stage of the event’s evolution.

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What time is it in Bremen, Germany?


The question about the time in Bremen, Germany will soon concern all the specialists of the cargo and breakbulk industry. The next forum known as Break bulk Europe 2018 will take place in this very city, attracting people from all over the world. The event is scheduled for May 29-31.

The Port of Bremen and its twin Port of Bremerhaven are two extremely important logistics hubs. Which is why the city has been selected for the next conference. The ports are significant for the automotive industry and the offshore wind sector as well. The cargoes, which are primary for those ports are:

  • large machinery
  • steel
  • industrial plant components and the other project and break bulk cargoes.

The host port was announced in the Break bulk Magazine, Vol. 3 2017, which was released in June. There was also an interesting supplement containing:

  • the information about the participants
  • sponsors list
  • the coverage of Bremen ports
  • the information about Bremen.

During the forum in 2018, the participants will have a chance to meet more than 400 exhibitors and sponsors, listen to the statements of the experts, and take part in the micro-seminars.

For the organizers, the main goal is to make the transition of the Expo from Belgium to Bremen as smooth as possible.