Learn about the Breakbulk events in the Middle East in 2015-2016 from the media

Breakbulk Middle East 2015: agenda and program

Breakbulk became one of the greatest logistics events in October 2015. It was scheduled for the 25th-28th of October at the National Exhibition Center of Abu Dhabi. The representatives of the logistics sphere came to exchange their knowledge and experience in the major sectors of the region, which are:

  • renewable resources
  • the oil and gas sector
  • water industry
  • infrastructure, etc.

As a result, the specialists are able to provoke the development of the logistics and breakbulk industry in general.

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There were plenty of highlights during the event. The following issues were discussed:

  • the situation after the end of sanctions
  • petrochemical logistics
  • GCC countries and the UAE
  • business in Saudi Arabia
  • breakbulk challenges, etc.

The event was attended by the delegates from over 40 world countries.

Breakbulk Middle East 2016: the information about the event

The event under discussion was scheduled for the 24th-26th of October 2016. The forum turned to be another Breakbulk success in the region. The event was traditionally organized at the National Exhibition Center of Abu Dhabi. It had a great support from the Minister of Infrastructure development and FTA.


Among the guests of the forum, there were over 100 owners of cargo. The following topics were observed during the event:

  • logistics contracts
  • cargo risks
  • the forwarding of the global projects
  • project cargo issue, etc.

There were many famous companies among the guests including:

  • United Heavy Lift
  • Fluor
  • F.H. Bertling
  • BBC Chartering, etc.
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Breakbulk Middle East: general information

Breakbulk is one of the significant events for the logistics sphere of the region. It adds to the development of the sphere and infrastructure. Besides, it provides the region with better cooperation with other countries.

The forum has a great support from the government, as the latest understands the needs of the Middle Eastern countries. Every year, Breakbulk attracts more and more visitors, among whom there are representatives of local and international corporations.

There are similar events, which are organized in other parts of the world, including Russia, Europe, the USA, Southeast Asia, etc. The forums are always successful, which adds to the development of logistics and breakbulk industry throughout the globe.