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The details about Breakbulk Middle East 2018

Breakbulk Middle East 2018 became one of the most significant events for the logistics industry in the region. There was enough information given in the exhibitor manual in order to allow the participants preparing for the forum. Thus, the attendants had a chance to plan their participation in a timely and cost-effective way.

The event schedule was also clear. The program was planned for the 6th-7th of February. The program was amazing and diverse, and included:

  • exhibitions
  • lectures
  • seminars
  • discussions
  • workshops, etc.

There were deadlines for the registration. However, the process was not complicated thanks to the GES online ordering.

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As for the agenda, a few important topics were discussed, such as:

  • project cargo sphere
  • ports development
  • breakbulk cargo prospects
  • the management of risks
  • over dimensional cargo transportations, etc.

Among the attendants of the event, there were many industry representatives, for instance:

  • Saudi Aramco (an oil state-owned company)
  • Technip (a company, which works in the field of project management, engineering, and construction)
  • Petrofac International (an international company offering oil & gas production services)
  • Fluor (a firm working in the EPC sector), etc.

There were several significant figures helping organize the event including B. Blamire (the commercial director), R. Sayyad (the sales manager), etc. AmCham Abu Dhabi also provided a significant support for the forum.

GES online ordering

GES is a popular resource, which provides comfortable event management. The experience of the company totals over 90 years. They help plan various occasions. They guarantee a wonderful result, which is independent of your location. GES is popular among the organizers of the conferences, seminars, exhibitions, and different corporate events. The resource offers the support of any part of the event, including logistics, technical support, and any other aspects.

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GES became a great support for the organizers of Breakbulk Middle East 2018. The registration and planning became much easier and faster. The participants also appreciated the comfort provided by the organizers.

You can find more information concerning the platform described on their official site. The details of Breakbulk 2018 in Abu Dhabi are also available on the Internet.