Another breakbulk photo & video contest demonstrated the best companies of 2018

The Breakbulk contest of 2018

Another photo and video contest was carried out in 2018. The event was divided into three categories. The first was scheduled for December 19-January 8, the second one – from 11 to 30 of April, while the third one lasted from August 27 to September 10. The themes of the contest were ‘People Make It Happen’, ‘WaterWorld’ and ‘Town & Country’. During the event, the companies managed to demonstrate their strengths. The photos displayed the people on their job sites, demonstrated various transport and equipment as well as the results of the companies’ work. Thus, they showed their professionalism and dedication to their work. There were also many interesting videos containing the work processes and other things. The winners of the contest got a chance to visit Breakbulk Studios for an interview.

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The materials accepted were only with high resolution (HD/mp4 or link to YouTube/Vimeo). In order to submit, the specialists should have filled a corresponding form until December 18, 2017/April 10, 2018/August 24, 2018 correspondingly. After that, the photos and videos were voted on. After the end of the contest, the photos were published in the Breakbulk magazine.

General information about Breakbulk contest

Breakbulk photo and video contest is an annual event, which allows various companies demonstrating their achievements. Every year the organizers give a certain theme and set the pace of the event. Every representative of the industry has a right to participate in the contest. The winners are always selected by all the visitors of the site. Thus, the firms taking part in the event can ask their colleagues and even relatives to vote for them.

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The materials are demonstrated on big displays during various Breakbulk events. Besides the interview, all the winners get a full page in Breakbulk Magazine. What’s more, any materials sent for the participation can be used on the website and for mailing. Thus, such a contest is a nice opportunity for any company to become more famous or, at least, known. Such a free publicity might become a great advantage.

Any photo and video contest (in 2016, 2017, etc.) has a certain schedule. It is vital to send the materials before the deadline and follow the voting in the fixed period of time. ‘Town & Country’ and other 2018’s themes can be reviewed in Breakbulk magazine (as well as after the photo contest 2016 and 2017).