Brewery equipment weighting from 1 to 17,000 tonnes is delivered to Wilmington, NC

The brewery equipment arrived at Wilmington, NC

The opening of a new brewery not far from Asheville demanded the transportation of special equipment. As the brewery was planned to be located near Wilmington, NC, the port was selected as a transportation destination. The cargo contained several tanks with the weight from 1 to 17,000 tonnes and several other elements for the construction.

After the arrival at the port, the cargo was transported 360 miles to the New Belgium facility, which was nearby Asheville in North Carolina. As the authorities of the port claimed, it was a great and unique challenge for the facilities of their port. It was connected with plenty of requirements from the client. However, they managed to pay enough attention to the details and satisfy all the demands. Besides, a successful transportation demonstrates a good connectivity of the mountains with the coast of the state.

brown wooden dock on sea during daytime

The tanks and other huge elements will take their places on the top of the brewery. After this, the installation of the roof is planned. Other tanks delivered later in March will be installed outside the walls and above the structure of the brewery.

The beer brewed thanks to it is now available in various bars in North Carolina, such as the Cellar in Wilmington, NC.

The Port of Wilmington

The port is one of two locations, which are offered in North Carolina. The facilities have lots of benefits for the cargo owners and shippers. Modern equipment allows meeting any requirements of the customers. The port owns neo-Panamax cranes and post-Panamax container cranes. Besides, there are warehousing and storage facilities. Another advantage is the accessibility of interstate highways and major railroads. With the excellent communication, it is possible to face any challenges. The port keeps expanding their storage facilities in order to accept more loads.

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New Belgium brewery

The first brewery was opened in 1991 in Fort Collins. 20 years later the company decided to expand further. The second brewery facility was established in Asheville, North Carolina. Thus, they united the Southern and Eastern coasts of the country making their beer more and more popular. Both locations were recognized as the best for Business and Careers by Forbes in 2015. Besides, they’ve received many honors and awards since the establishment of the breweries. The corporate value of the company is collective, which is stronger than an individual is.