Broshuis: general information about the company

Broshuis is a company, which is known for the high-quality products in the industry of abnormal transport. They create innovative solutions using the advanced technologies and methods.

Among the products of the company, there are:

  • low loaders
  • flat semi-trailers
  • semi-low loaders
  • container trailers.

The biggest attention is given to the weight-bearing capacity, length, and fuel consumption.

Every vehicle made by Broshuis is unique and can be used for a certain purpose, which make them a reliable investment. The construction of each trailer is stable, while the high-quality finishing makes them durable. There are the other advantages of the machinery, which are:

  • safety
  • ease of operation
  • cost-effectiveness
  • maneuverability.

Broshuis trailer at the Nooteboom Global Trailer Center

Nooteboom is not just a famous manufacturer, which takes the leading position on the international market. The company also offers the trailers created by the other well-known companies, which are reliable. Broshuis V003543 trailer is also in the catalog. It has wonderful characteristics, which make it indispensable for the transportation of heavy loads. The machinery was designed in 2000. However, it is still popular among the operators because of its top quality and characteristics.

Let’s observe the most important features of the vehicle:

  • type of the trailer: flatbed trailer
  • number of axles: 6
  • type of suspension: hydraulic
  • axle type: SAF
  • steering system: hydraulic
  • load floor size: 2,550 mm x 15,500 mm (width and length)
  • dead weight: 17.8 tonnes
  • GVW: 102 tonnes
  • payload 84.2 tonnes.

There are some additional things in the construction of the vehicle, which are:

  • automatic lubrication
  • hydraulic landing gears
  • power pack
  • override steering
  • lift axle, etc.
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The characteristics described above make the trailer under consideration extremely efficient, safe, and maneuverable (despite its significant length). It is comfortable for the transportation of the heavy loads on the long distances.