Information about building on Island shipyard

The COSCO shipyard Zhoushan managed to sign a contract with a well-known European company, whose name has not yet been disclosed. It is about the construction of a barge-hotel in the Island shipyard, intended for personnel. It is planned that the ship will be equipped with DP3 positioning system. The approximate time of delivery is the third quarter of 2016.

In addition, this Asian corporation has also made an order for the construction of several dry cargo ships with deadweight of about 64 thousand tons. According to the plan, bulk carriers Dana transport must be put into operation already in the first half of 2016.

boats moored in dock

The project has already been drawn up and there are corresponding drawings exist. For ships, it is necessary to carefully calculate the necessary quantity of building materials, choosing the most qualitative of them. The rooms on this barge hotel will have a wooden or brick walls and will look more like a usual house rather than a ship.

COSCO values its reputation, which affects its activities. The company managed to sign another option for the bulk carrier by the agreement with European customers. It was launched in 2017.

Restriction plans

The Chinese shipbuilding company COSCO Shipping Heavy Industries will close the work of its five shipyards abroad by 2020.

As the company informed the press, this choice was made because of the stagnation of capacities’ production against the background of a decrease in demand in the world markets. The shipyards in the cities of Nantong, Dongguan and Zhoushan will be closed. “We plan to leave production sites only in Jiangsu and Dalian, as these shipyards are capable of producing high-tech tools, for example, ships for polar expeditions, platforms, vessels for livestock transportation” – that’s the data from the official source.

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According to the chief engineer of the company Liang Yanfeng, one of the main reasons for such measures is the chronic deferrals of payments from foreign customers, some of which simply refuse orders. At the same time, foreign supplies will decrease by 50% – from 18 this year to nine in 2020. “Other negative factors are the drop in oil prices and on finished ships, the growing cost of components and labor,” he added.