Bulky Loads Rocked by Logistics

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In March 2013, logistics company STS Logistics completed the hardest transport of six oversize transformers to the power facility construction site. Each item weighs from 178 to 197 tons.

In order to prepare an optimal proposal on this project transport, the logistics operator conducted a detailed survey of the entire route. This job allowed not only to cut the expenses, but also to anticipate all the bottlenecks during the cargo travel.

In the Port of Mariupol city on the Azov Sea coast, the operator reloaded the power equipment on a specialized river-sea vessel. The jumbo transformers were then delivered by river to Kalach-on-Don (Volgograd Oblast). This city is located 80 kilometers to the west from Volgograd, at the Don bend. The subject port was recommended by STS Logistics specialists as it has all the capabilities and capacities required to handle bulky cargoes. This project involved two intermediate barges and a 200-ton ship-raising floating crane. It was not possible to place six transformers on the jetties at a time. Therefore, they were discharged on the barges first, and then reloaded on the multi-axle haul rigs. For this operation to occur, the logistics teams designed a special load-handling device – a lifting beam.

As of today, two autotransformers ATDTsTN – 250000/220/10-U1 kV, 250 MVA each, are already on construction site. STS Logistics installed them on prepared foundation. Four transformers TRDTsN – 200000/110/10 kV, 200 MVA each, were unloaded in the temporary storage area.

More than RUB 3.57 billion have been allocated for the implementation of the whole project under OAO FSK EES (Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System) investment program. Upgrade is planned to be completed in 2015. The 220-kV substation Aluminivaya, which was put into service in 1958, is the main power supply facility of Volgograd Aluminum Plant – OAO VgAZ (RUSAL), as well as supplies power to consumers in Volgograd’s north-western part, Dubovsky and Gorodishchensky districts of Volgograd Oblast.