Origins of the Bureau Veritas Mexico

The company was established & opened in 1828, now it’s the world leader in a whole set of fields. Bureau Veritas services help customers fulfill the growing demands in the fields concerning ECO protection in all respects, social aspects and so one.

As a reliable partner, Bureau Veritas Mexico offers innovative solutions with the highest norms & standards, reduce risks, increase efficiency & promote sustainable development.

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The core values of Bureau Veritas ISO Mexico are honesty & ethics, impartial assessment & validation, clients’ orientation & workplace safety.

The Bureau is approved & has the accreditation of the leading national organizations of international scale.

Main figures of statistics

Revenues in 2015: 4.6 billion Euros;

  • number of employees: 66,700 employees;
  • number of offices: 1,400 offices & laboratories in 140 countries;
  • number of customers: 400,000;
  • activities: 8 main areas of activity in which they occupy a leading position.

Bureau Veritas is registered on the Parisian Euronext (stock exchange).

One of the activities is the petrochemical industry. Compliance processes for industrial facilities & tools:

  • oil & gas
  • power engineering
  • processing & production.

Sea & shelf activities

Classification and certification of:

  • ships
  • ship equipment
  • materials
  • offshore installations
  • Quality system (ISM)
  • security systems (ISPS).

Company advantages

  • Effective international network
  • a unique combination of international & national networks
  • the high speed of introducing new features
  • uniformity of the services provided
  • brand & reputation
  • 180 years of reputation of the brand
  • skilled personnel
  • extensive technical expertise
  • client-oriented culture
  • recognized professional competence
  • accreditations list
  • a knowledge of norms & standards
  • extensive knowledge of industrial markets
  • a wide range of services.
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It covers all services in the fields of quality, occupational health, industrial safety & environmental protection.