Super Large Cargo Delivered by Railroad

red and blue cargo ship on body of water during daytime

Bashkirenergo is executing a new large-scale project – construction of CHP-5 which is needed to provide power and heat to accommodation and social facilities in the microdistricts of the west and south-west sectors in Ufa. The new CHP (power and heating plant) will allow to eliminate the power shortfall of 300 MW in the capital of the Republic. Construction of two CCGT-220 units of Ufa CHP-5 is one of the most massive investment projects in the power system of Bashkortostan Republic for the last 40 years.

The bid to deliver equipment to CHP-5 CCGT was won by SV Trans. As per the contract, total volume of cargoes exceeded 200 pieces of freight. In terms of dimensions, all cargoes can be divided into: in-gauge, out-of-gauge and super large. Most of in-gauge items have already been delivered to CHP.

In June 2013, the follow-up milestone of the transport was reached to deliver the 210-ton gas turbine with dimensions: 9,980 х 4,050 х 3,945. At the end of May 2013, the company’s specialists loaded the gas turbine on the rail transporter at the manufacturer’s location, and then the item proceeded from Leningrad Oblast to Dema station in Ufa, where the oversize heavy equipment was reloaded from the rail transporter on the low-bed semitrailer by recovery railway cranes and delivered to Ufa CHP-5.

The company’s engineers decided to use rail transporters to carry the abnormal-sized pieces by railroad. Pre-delivery activities were implemented at the destination station in Ufa prior to the transport: the rail tracks were restored, site graded, sand and gravel mixture spread and slabs installed on the cargo receipt footprint.

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