Successful cargo transportation by Contractors Cargo Company


Recently, a large shipment of goods from the port of Houston to Nevada, a populated Eureka district, was carried out by Contractors Cargo Company. Specialists of the transport contractors transported large specimens of special equipment, including public transport. Cargo CO transportation was successful.

Seaport of Houston

Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States, in the state of Texas, and the largest metropolitan area with more than 6 million inhabitants. Its port of Houston is among the ten largest ports in the world and ranks first in the country for international transport.

Historical reference

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In 1836, after the end of the Texas War of Independence, the Allen brothers bought 27 square kilometers of land and decided to establish a city that could become the largest trading center. They named it after the commander-in-chief of the army, and later the president of the republic. A century later, the city of Houston had almost a million inhabitants.

Construction of a port on the Buffalo-Bayo River has long been considered too costly. One of the decisive arguments was the strongest hurricane of 1900, which destroyed the only port of Galveston and led to great loss of life and enormous economic losses. The development of the largest oil sites made the federal government agree to a revolutionary concept for creating a shipping canal leading inside the continent.

The port of Houston was built in 1914, and in 1956, the entrepreneur Malcolm MacLean carried it to the world’s first shipping containers by sea on a converted oil tanker from Newark. The history of combined freight began since that moment.

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In the XX century, there were three grand events that turned a small town into the largest metropolis of the American South-West region:

  • the discovery of oil development in 1901
  • the construction of the Houston Navigation Canal and Deepwater Port in 1914
  • the construction of the Spacecraft Control Center in 1961.

Modern Houston and its famous port

Today, Houston represents a city with a developed economy based on oil production and refining, high-tech industries, medical engineering, and aeronautics. Here are the largest corporations and representative offices of foreign companies. The favorable location of the city contributed to the formation of a developed logistics structure, which, in turn, made the port of Houston the most important maritime corridor of the United States.