Basic principles for the carriage of goods in bulk transporter magazine

Oversize and the right approach to its transportation

Transportation of oversized cargo: this type of cargo transportation, like transportation of oversized cargo, is the most difficult and responsible, and it can only be entrusted to professionals. In our bulk transporter magazine, we always remember that. Any error, even a minor one, can lead to loss of cargo’s quality or damage. That is why oversized transportation should be carried out on a planned and thought-out route. Also, American bulk commodities should pay sufficient attention to the technology used for the transportation.

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Oversized cargo is one in which at least one of several parameters exceeds the dimensions allowed for the standard transportation. Yachts, boats, cranes, industrial equipment, special equipment can be attributed to the category of oversized cargo. In addition, the complexity of the construction of the cargo also counts. Taking into account such specifics, transportation is preceded by serious preparatory measures. In order to carry out oversized transportation, expertise is required along with special technical equipment. Moving by air or rail is often difficult and costly. The most affordable and most economical way to date is the oversized car transportation or transportation by sea.

Transportation Equipment

As a rule, for transportation of oversized cargo, we use low-bed trailers (special vehicles equipped with a low-bed platform for easy loading), specialized semi-trailers, tractors, cargo ships, trailers.

Like any complex and extraordinary work, oversized transportation requires a special, non-standard approach. It is extremely rare to meet the same type of transportation. A company providing such a service actually develops an individual and unique way that a cargo must overcome in order to get safe and sound to its destination.

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Please note: to transport oversized cargoes, usual accompanying documents are not enough – permission to transport is required since the procedure for organizing oversized transportation is determined by special permits and implies an additional fee. The term for preparing a permit may be from 7 to 20 days. There are cases (more often in the category of oversized cargo) when it isn’t moved for a long time. Development of the project of transportation and its approval, further coordination and obtaining permissions are required.