Center of Gravity was not an Issue…

aerial photography of multicolored trailers

GPLN alliance member DAKO WORLDWIDE TRANSPORT GmbH has recently transported a large crystallizer from the plant in Tuzla (Turkey) to Saint Petersburg via the Port of Istanbul.

Dimensions of this heavy lift made 16.54 m x 8.20 m x 8.47 m, and the total weight – 80 tons. Transportation was partially performed on a low-bed trailer to the nearest water outlet, and then a 300-ton floating crane lifted the cargo and moved it onto the loading pier. In a few days, the crane truck reloaded the crystallizer from the pier onto the non-geared vessel which took a straight course from Istanbul across the Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean, North and Baltic Seas to St. Petersburg. As soon as the item reached St. Petersburg, a special heavy crane lifted the crystallizer off the vessel and placed it onto special trailers for haulage.
It was not the weight of the cargo but its dimensions and shifted center of gravity which made the transport so challenging. After thorough investigations and preparations, it was not an issue for DAKO to carry out transportation and successful delivery of the cargo to the final destination in Russia.

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