The Ch. Robinson logistics company announced the expansion in Australia and Europe in 2016

Ch. Robinson is a company, which offers plenty of services, such as global forwarding, various transportations (including sea, air, and land), consultations, and outsourcing. The firm has more than 280 offices located all over the world. C.H. Robinson works in order to expand the global trade, improve the supply chains and transportations, thus, finding the best solutions for the development of commerce and economy.

  • Ch. Robinson offices are located over the globe:
  • Asia (the biggest Ch. Robinson’s departments are in China and India)
  • North America (Minnesota, the USA)
  • South America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, and Uruguay)
  • Europe (the Netherlands)
  • Oceania (Australia).

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The Chief executive officer of the company is John Wiehoff (since 2002). In 1999, he was appointed as a president of the firm. He also had the other positions including:

  • Chief Financial Officer (1998)
  • Corporate Controller (1992-1998)
  • Chairman (2007)
  • Lead Director (2013).

Today C.H. Robinson brings integrated and seamless solutions for the companies working in different industries.

The acquisition of APC Logistics

According to John Wiehoff – CEO of CH. Robinson, the company keeps working on the expansion of their global network. One of the greatest contributions to this purpose was the decision to buy the Australian company APC, which works in the sphere of project cargo handling. The acquisition cost $225 million for C.H. Robinson.

Such decision will allow not just expanding the network but also giving CH. Robinson an opportunity:

  • to provide customs brokerage
  • to offer consultancy services
  • to develop project cargo handling, etc.
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Besides, as the company’s CEO claims, such solution will add more advanced experts to the staff of the firm, who are talented and experienced. They are planning to continue cooperation with APC’s customers, employees, and suppliers.

APC Logistics was established in 2001. It is known as a consolidator and distributor of various national and international parcels and mail. The firm provides a full range of shipping and mailing solutions to the volume mailers and e-commerce customers. They work in an absolute compliance with national and international standards being a TSA-Certified Air Cargo Screening Facility.

The European expansion

Another decision directing to the expansion of the company on the global market is a new transportation office in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. Being situated in the very heart of Europe, it will allow not just building the C.H. Robinson’s presence in Europe but also to link the countries of the Middle East and create the connections between two continents, which are Eurasia and North America.

Such decision has become possible thanks to the development of the infrastructure in this European country. Thus, the transportations to and from Europe have become more accessible.

According to the information from the representatives of C.H. Robinson, Michal Sojka was appointed as a branch manager of the new office.

The company will continue widening their network all over the world and expanding the number of services for the clients.