Chapman Freeborn celebrates its 45 years of success

The important day for Chapman Freeborn

The company under discussion has been in the aviation sphere for 45 years already. Their 45th birthday became a significant event for all the colleagues and partners of the firm. Their charter business managed to make an international footprint thanks to the professionalism and dedication to work.

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More than 200 partners of the firm came to mark the important occasion for Ch. Freeborn. Among them, there were those, who have been working with the organization for 10-30 years. Along with the familiar faces, there were many starters among the attendants. The celebration was carried out in Malta. The program of the event was diverse. It included:

  • trips by boats
  • treasure hunts
  • evening events.

The evenings took place in the ancient city known as Mdina. In 4000 BC, it was a fortified settlement.

The representatives of the organization claimed that the data became a significant achievement. Besides, they are waiting for a new chapter to bring even more success.

Chapman Freeborn: general information about the company


The company appeared in the 1970s. Initially, it was created in order to market the International Air’s fleet of Hercules aircrafts in Alaska. Gradually, the firm was developing. Soon they became a successful company, which worked with specialized charters airplanes. They got lots of contracts all over the globe.

Today the firm is a worldwide known organization, which has its offices in various parts of the world including:

  • the US
  • European countries
  • Australasia, etc.
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Chapman Freeborn currently deals with both cargo and passenger services. What’s more, the firm has a few subsidiary companies, which are:

  • CF OBC (offers courier services)
  • Wings 24 (offers flight operation services)
  • Logik Logistics (offers time-critical logistics options).

5 year ago, CF acquired Intradco Global and made the position stronger. The firm purchased used to be an equine, livestock, and exotics transport professional. They offered transportation solutions for animals of all weights and sizes.

Last year, CF increased its stake in Magma Aviation reaching 75% of shares (while they had a minor part several years ago). It promises to help further develop the company’s facilities. The company wants to continue its investment strategy. More information about the aviation giant is available on the Internet.