China International Water & Electric Corp. launched the first unit of dams in Sudan

The inauguration of the new dam and the hydroelectric plant created by the conductor from China has been recently carried out in the eastern part of Sudan. The fulfillment of this project has appeared to be another step for the Belt & Road initiative. The latest has been responsible for the project cargo traffic between the African countries and China since 2013.

The launch of one generating unit of China dam was attended by several important figures, such as:

  • the President of Sudan (Omar Hassan Al Bashir)
  • the government officials from PRC
  • the representatives of CWE (a conductor of the project).

The China twin-dam is planned to include four units.

black electric pylon under orange clouds during daytime

The representatives of China International Water & Electric Corp. assure that more than 30% of the Sudan population will take advantages from the Chinese dams and the drinking water, electricity, and irrigation systems, which are connected to their hydropower plant and the reservoir. The latest is 3 billion-cubic-meters long, while its capacity reaches 320 Mw.

The building was initiated in May of 2010. The cost of the project totaled about $2 billion, while the construction of the Chinese twin-dams, according to the information from the CWE representatives, amounted to $838 million.

The first unit is now applied in order to feed the electricity grid in Sudan. Its capacity reaches 80 Mw.

The hydropower situation in China

Hydropower is one of the renewable resources. In China, it has become the most widespread among all the renewables and the second among the existing energy resources (after coal). The dams situated in China produce about 20% of the total electricity generation. And the production of such renewable energy keeps growing every year.

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The importance of the hydropower in the country is caused by several factors:

  • the striving of the government for the energy independence
  • the aims to lower the gas emissions to the atmosphere
  • the insufficient resources and fuels reserves.

According to the estimations, the capacity of the state in this sphere totals 600 GW. However, with their technically and economically available capacity, they can produce up to 500 GW. Nevertheless, China has great potential and is planning to raise the capacity by 2020.

The history of hydroelectricity application started in 1912 when the first plant was built in Yunnan province. The capacity was just about 240 kW during that time. In the period of Japanese occupation, several significant projects were fulfilled, which provoked the development of the production of hydroelectricity. Later, in 1959, the program of Chinese dam building was initiated. The biggest growth was noticed after the 1960s with the construction of complex plants. By 1980s, the capacity reached 20 GW.

Today China is one of the leading producers of hydro energy, which works inside and outside the country.

China International Water & Electric Corp.

CWE is known as a subsidiary of China Three Gorges Corporation. It is a leading Chinese company, which works in the sphere of international economic cooperation in the hydro energy industry. CWE was created more than 50 years ago. It used to be known as an engineering firm working with the Chinese water industry and electrical power department.

Today China International Water & Electric Corp. is recognized as an international conductor and investor of various small and medium hydro energy projects. Plenty of their projects have become the part of the history because of their influence on the waterworks and hydro energy industry. Their projects included:

  • waterproof China dams (which are difficult to break)
  • hydroelectric power stations
  • reservoirs, etc.
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Their work has become a wonderful example of the international cooperation and partnership.

Nowadays CWE also works with the projects of the bridges, roads, and infrastructure building, channel dredging in the ports, etc.

It is a reliable company, which has governmental accreditation and the highest qualification. CWE’s professionalism is supported by the certificates for the quality management, environmental protection, and the protection of labor. It is listed among the biggest international conductors and project companies.

One of the latest contributions of the firm has become their project in Sudan, which is another step to the development of hydro energy all over the world and the growth of the company on the global market.