China met another impressive Break bulk forum in 2017 attracting people from whole Asia

Break Bulk conference in China is one of the most important events in the sphere of logistics. It is carried out every year and attracts lots of visitors and participants. Among the people, who usually attend the most significant logistics forum, there are:

  • cargo owners
  • heavy haulers
  • media representatives
  • sponsors
  • freight forwarders
  • the manufacturers of special equipment, etc.

people inside conference

The Break bulk event came to China from North America. The first forum was carried out over 20 years ago and turned to be extremely successful and productive. After that, it was transferred to Europe, Russia, the UAE, and China. Today the conference is recognized as one of the most important events for the break bulk and cargo projects industry.

The program of the Break bulk China forum is always impressive and full of interesting facilities. It usually includes:

  • seminars
  • workshops
  • business runs
  • tech zones
  • showcases
  • conference sessions
  • educational days, etc.

Many companies from various parts of Asia come to:

  • analyze the problems of the logistics field
  • discuss various subjects
  • exchange knowledge/ideas/experience
  • find new connections
  • demonstrate their skills.

Visiting such event, the participants may not just exchange their professional achievements but also find new connections and partners. Besides, the conference helps expand the logistics network. The event also contributes to the increase of national and international cooperation.

Break bulk China 2017: agenda and the other important information

The forum of 2017 was scheduled for the 13-16 of March. There were hundreds of participants, such as media representatives, freight forwarders (national and international), shippers, VIP guests, etc.

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The largest event took place in Shanghai at the World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center. Among the exhibitors, there were:

  • Höegh Autoliners
  • Holmatro
  • Hong Glory Shipping
  • HongFa Shipping
  • Hubei Sanjiang Space WanShan
  • Ilya Shipping
  • CMEC
  • Complant Logistics
  • COSCO Shipping (Xiamen)
  • Ilya Shipping Ltd
  • IMC Industrial Group (IMCIG)
  • Infinity Logistics & Transport, etc.

Among the other visitors, there were both advanced specialists and beginners (and even students) of the industry.

The program of the forum included:

  • micro-seminars
  • technical and educational workshops
  • conference sessions
  • exhibitions, etc.

The first 2 days were devoted to the educational workshops. They took place at the InterContinental Shanghai Expo Hotel near the Expo center. The 15-16 of March were dedicated to the exhibition, conference, seminars, and the rest of the activities.

The guests of the forum could select various suites – ones with China Riverview, the others with the China park view.

During Break bulk China 2017, the following issues were discussed:

  • project forwarding
  • heavy-duty transport
  • management of project freight
  • the perspectives of cargo owner
  • innovations and challenges of the market
  • logistics efficiency improvement
  • the challenges in import and export
  • the alternatives for the heavy-load sea transport
  • packing & lashing
  • the growth of Ro-Ro direction, etc.

Several people were responsible for the organization of the event:

  • Wendy Tao (sales manager)
  • Gary Tang (event director)
  • Dreamer Wang (sales manager)
  • Eline Xu (marketing executive)
  • Robert Janusauskas (advertising and sales expert).

Any details concerning the event of 2017 (the agenda, floor plan, schedule, etc.) can be found on the official website.

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The forum, which was carried out in March, turned to be effective and productive. The next Break bulk China event will take place on the 26-28 of March 2018. The organizers hope that it will bring more results and allow solving the current problems of the logistics sphere.