The China Harbour Engineering company won the project estimated at $3.2 billion in Africa

The firm is a subsidiary of the Chinese Communications & Construction Company, which has been established in 1980. The key aim of the company is the development and operation of the overseas business.

There are more than 60 offices owned by the firm. The subsidiaries are located in over 80 countries all over the globe. The number of staff exceeds 10,000 people, who work on various global projects estimated at $10,000,000,000.

China Harbour is considered a leader in:

  • construction and building
  • procurement
  • engineering works
  • project operation
  • transfer.

The firm works with both private and public sectors. They are experts at:

  • maritime engineering sphere
  • roads/bridges construction
  • the assembly of various equipment
  • airport/railway
  • dredging & reclamation activity.

China Harbour firm guarantees high-quality work, responsibility, effective cooperation, and the application of innovative technologies.

African Mega-Rail Project: influence and participants

China Harbour won the significant project for the building of the railway, which would connect several African countries. It was a part of the Northern Corridor Integration Projects Initiative (the cost of which was amounted to $14 billion). The latest was agreed upon by several states including Kenya, South Sudan, Rwanda, and Uganda.

The connection was planned to be built to link the following places:

  • the city of Kampala (Uganda)
  • the town of Malaba (in Kenya)
  • the town of Nimule (located in South Sudan).

The China Harbour company was responsible for:

  • engineering works
  • procurement
  • construction.

According to the words of Y. Museveni (the Uganda President), the largest problem of the modern African countries is the absence of the railway. The costs for transportations are extremely high, especially for the large/heavy loads from the ports. The building project will solve such problem once and for all. The support of Chinese government is essential for Uganda and for the rest of the countries on the continent, as it will have a positive impact on the economic development of the continent in general.

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