China finally opened the new Addis Ababa railway: the old Ethiopia railroad is no longer actual

Chinese Railway Group company named China Railway Group has finally announced about successful launch of the first modern electric train in the eastern part of Africa. The train is fully functioning on the new route. The road has been built between the capitals of Ethiopia and Djibouti and has received the name Addis Ababa railway. This route is actually the first case of the financial attachment into the Ethiopia railroad. The whole building process began in 2010 and came to an end in 2016.

Addis Ababa train road scale

silhouette of electric post during golden hour

The final length of the fully electrified line is now more than 750 km. With the average possible speed of 120 km, the Addis Ababa train overcomes this distance in 6.5 hours. Thanks to the creation of a new railroad, the volume of cargo traffic between Djibouti and Addis Ababa will increase from 500 tons to 3.5 thousand tons per month. It was discovered according to the reports and analytics made by Sina Xinwen.

Addis Ababa railway cost

The railway built by the Chinese China Railway Group and China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation has a final cost more than $4 billion. The money was allocated by the government of China.

Previously it was reported that the design and construction of the new railway was conducted by Chinese corporations with the participation of specialists from Djibouti. Earlier they had passed the training course in the territory of the PRC.

As it was announced later, this project isn’t the last and from the very beginning wasn’t the only intention of the Chinese investors. Among their plans, there is a wish to improve the railroad situation in Africa in general. In the nearest future, another railroad between Nairobi and Mombasa is to be built: this road will connect the biggest seaport with the capital of the country.

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