The safe China Pakistan corridor is finally created. What does this mean for the economy of the two countries?

According to plans, the deepwater port of Gwadar and Chinese Xinjiang should be linked by road and rail, as well as the pipeline system.

China and Pakistan will help create a secure economic corridor between the two countries. This was reported on Friday by the electronic version of the newspaper Global Times.

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“China and Pakistan should step up cooperation in the field of national defense and security, which will create a solid foundation for the development of the bilateral economic corridor,” Zhang Gaoli, the vice-premier of the State Council of the PRC, said in an interview with the chief of staff of the army Kamar Jawed Badzhwa.

Government response to the China Pakistan corridor

The Vice Premier noted that the dynamic development of China-Pakistan relations not only positively affects the welfare of the two peoples, but also has a positive impact on peace and stability in the region. He reported on the readiness of the Chinese side to intensify cooperation at the highest level, noting the importance of coordinating the positions of Beijing and Islamabad on international and regional issues. “In this way our bilateral relations will reach a fundamentally new level,” Zhang Gaoli stressed.

In turn, Badzhwa noted that Pakistani troops would actively promote the maintenance of security on the territory of the bilateral economic corridor.

Practical use of China Pakistan corridor

Beijing and Islamabad plan to create a full-functioning economic corridor with a length of about 3 thousand km, which will connect the highway and railway, as well as the pipeline system, the Pakistani deepwater port of Gwadar with Chinese Xinjiang. This way will allow to get a much cheaper and shorter route for transporting oil and oil products from the Persian Gulf, and to simplify the export of Chinese goods to the Middle East and Africa.

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