The China VIP shipper club members became the participants of Breakbulk 2018

The privileges of water shipper club in China

The shipper club is a VIP organization, which consists of many members. The latest have lots of opportunities, which might include the participation in different types of events, such as:

  • conference panels
  • various workshops connected with the industry
  • lectures on the editorial products, etc.

The participants of the club can be from different industries. The members of the organization should contribute to the development of the club. As a result, they can also have certain advantages from it.

red and white boat on sea shore during daytime

You can select the opportunities depending on the sphere of your activities and desires for the development. The members of the VIP club are always among the attendants of Breakbulk. The year of 2018 was not an exception. The number of participants reached about 200 people.

The following organizations were also among the visitors:

  • CBMI Construction Co.
  • China Three Gorges Corporation
  • China International Water & Electric Corporation
  • CITIC Construction
  • The Import-Export Bank of China, etc.

The organization was established in 2010. Since that time, it has been constantly developing. Among the members, there are cargo owners, equipment suppliers, energy companies, oil & gas firms, chemical producers, etc. Thus, they can build a more efficient supply chain. Moreover, there are lots of educational events, which can help improve your career.

Breakbulk China 2018

The forum 2018 was carried out on the 27-28 of March. It was organized at the World Expo Exhibition and Convention center in Shanghai. There were plenty of attendants including the VIP shipper club members. There were both international and national companies among the participants.

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Lots of amazing and innovative issues were discussed and observed, such as:

  • the Bridge from China to Hong-Kong
  • Southeast Asian ports development
  • the competitive career market in China, etc.

The program of the occasion was diverse as usual including conferences, seminars, showcases, etc. Besides, there were many other facilities for the visitors.

As for the general data about Breakbulk China, it is vital to mention that it is an annual event, which has a great significance in Asia. It is always attended by various companies of oil and gas, cargo transportation, and other spheres connected with logistics. More data about the event are presented on the site of Breakbulk.