The Australian company Carbridge agreed to buy 40 China electric buses

The buses manufactured in China were sold to the Australian airport company known as Carbridge. The deal appeared to be an important step in the development of business in the sphere of roll-on, roll-off cargoes.

The total number of Chinese buses is amounted to 40. According to the information from BYD (the manufacturer of the vehicles), they will be able to transport up to 70 passengers. Another advantage of Chinese buses is their economy. They can run almost 250 miles on a single charge. The length of each bus totals 12 meters.

The machines also have an attractive look, which is one more benefit for the Australian purchaser. The busses are planned to be applied in the Airport of Sydney, Australia.

The Carbridge company: general information

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It is an airport bus firm, which is situated in Australia. It provides the services for the majority of Australian airports, such as:

  • Adelaide
  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Perth
  • Brisbane.

The firm was founded in 1990. The work with the Australian airports started when the company won the contract at the Sydney Airport after the purchase of Neoplan buses from Hong Kong. After this, the expansion and development of the company in this sphere have begun.

In 2016, the firm was purchased by the aviation services provider Aerocare.

Carbridge welcomes more than 50 million passengers annually. They are recognized as the most experienced and biggest specialist of the sphere. Their principles include:

  • reliability
  • excellence
  • professionalism
  • efficiency.

The company keeps modernizing their services applying the innovative technologies.

BYD company details

BYD is known as a leading Chinese manufacturer of various vehicles. They produce:

  • automobiles
  • rechargeable batteries
  • buses
  • forklifts
  • trucks, etc.
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It is a large corporation with the head office in Shenzhen, China, which have several subsidiaries.

Being a big and fast-growing firm, it was listed in 2010 Bloomberg Business week.

BYD was established in 1995. It managed to grow within the first ten years becoming one of the leading producers of rechargeable batteries in the country. By means of the machines application and the lowering of the production costs, the firm began its expansion to the automobile and phones components industries.

In 2010, they were called the 6th biggest Chinese automaker in terms of sales volume. Besides the gasoline-powered vehicles, they also sell electric cars. In 2017, the company was asked to open a factory in Canada in order to produce electric-powered vehicles. By now, BYD has a small office in Ontario.

One of the greatest achievements of the company is the usage of innovations. According to 2010 Business Week, it was called the 8th most innovative firm in the world.

The firm makes the electric buses for over 50 countries all over the globe.

The BYD electric buses created for the Australian company have become a significant step for the firm on the global market. The cooperation will open new opportunities for the manufacturer and spread its influence.