A colossal project on the conglomeration of the British company Clarke Energy and the Australian enterprise Jenbacher

The company Clarkeenergy, one of the largest energy producers in the UK, made an important statement. Under the new contract, Clarke energy will support the Jenbacher enterprise with a representation in Australia.

Support from the enterprise will be expressed in three gas engines, which amaze with their dimensions (the weight of one engine is about 24 tons). This equipment can produce a huge amount of energy. It will become a significant part of the system, the purpose of which is to increase the reliability of the local manufacturer.

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According to one of the main persons of the Clarke company, to date, the production and requests simply do not coincide. It was a great honor for the company to take responsibility for this project: cooperation with an Australian manufacturer is very promising and reliable. The management of the company also hopes that this will entail favorable changes in the reforms from the government.

Everything you wanted to know about Clarke energy and Jenbacher engine

Clarke Energy is a private transnational company specializing in the sale, the development, and gas engines power plants installations. Now it is an authorized partner of the distributor and service for the GE Power & Water’s Jenbacher gas engine. Clarke Energy has more than 1,000 employees in sixteen countries around the world.

E Jenbacher Gas Engines is part of GE’s Distributed Power, a manufacturer of piston engines ranging from 0.12 to 9.5 MW, which includes the Jenbacher and Waukesha brands. Since 1957, GE’s Jenbacher gas engines have been produced in the city of Jenbach, the federal state of Tyrol, Austria.

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Soon after the integration in 2003, the General Electric Corporation changed and expanded in production, which significantly increased the plant’s production capacity.

Today it produces piston engines in the electric power range from 0.25 to 9.5 MW. The engines operate on various gases, diesel electric engines with a capacity of about 2.5 MW are also produced. Gas-piston units allow producing electricity, heat (cogeneration) and cold (tri-generation). Installations operate in various industries, such as commercial real estate and the municipal sector, industrial enterprises, greenhouse complexes, and the oil and gas sector. To date, more than 15,500 Jenbacher gas piston engines have been installed in more than 100 countries.

Financial volumes of collaboration between Jenbacher and Clarke

Energy Station currently has a resource of 75 million Australian dollars. Both projects are part of the one-hundred-million-dollar renewal of Australia’s energy capabilities.