COFC Logistics and other companies became the BNSF Award winners

Meet the winners of the annual award of BNSF Logistics

BNFS Logistics announced the winners of their award in various spheres. The award is given for demonstrating the Supplier Excellence and covers all types of transportations. The logistics giant evaluated the firms according to several criteria:

  • on-time delivery (OTD)
  • total capacity
  • customer services provision.

The evaluation covered the activity of the companies throughout the year.

aerial photography of freight truck lot

Consider the winners selected by BNSF Logistics in various categories:

  • Air Bridge (for the air transportations)
  • Maersk (the supplier of Ocean Container services)
  • Biglift Shipping (as a carrier of the breakbulk by water)
  • COFC Logistics (the supplier of the intermodal transport)
  • YRC INC. (as the National lower-than-load supplier)
  • BNSF Rail Clearance Team (as the best clearance supplier)
  • Edwards Moving & Rigging Inc. (as the best Equipment Provider Supplier)
  • BNSF Railway (the best railway delivery supplier)
  • MGS DBA. MG Trucking (the transportation specialist and midsize/multi-purpose vehicles supplier)
  • Midwest Motor Freight (the supplier of lower-than-load transport in the region)
  • TQT (small LTL services supplier)
  • Steco (the supplier of flatbed services)
  • Ancon KLot Logistics (the supplier of transloading services).

As the representatives of BNSF Logistics say, the candidates play an important role in the development and success of the organizer-company providing the top-level services.

Annual Supplier Excellence Award

The Supplier Excellence Award is organized by BNSF Logistics and carried out every year. The company analyzes the annual activity of the firms, which can be transporters, equipment suppliers, etc. BNSF selects only the best representatives of the industry to mark their achievements.

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BNSF Logistics: general data

BNSF Logistics is a part of BNSF corporation, which was founded more than 160 years ago. BNSF Logistics is a transport intermediary providing various transportation services by air, sea, road or railway. They are one of the fast-growing companies, which offer cost-efficient and high-quality facilities and provide creative solutions all over the globe. The great experience and large fleet allow them meeting any demands of the customers. Today BNSF Logistics is directed towards the development and expansion. They often open new offices extending the range of services and making them better.