Learn more about the colossal incident associated with big blue crane

A large big blue crane collapse happened in a park in the state of Milwaukee. Fortunately, in the Miller park crane collapse were no human injuries, big blue crane operator is also OK.

You may watch big blue crane video and find out more big blue crane accident facts. The park is even sometimes named as big blue Miller park now because of the blue crane accident. It is almost equal to Milwaukee stadium crane accident – during Milwaukee brewers’ stadium crane accident, there were no victims but the construction was destroyed completely.

Design Features

With the help of the largest Liebherr rotary crane (participant of the big blue crane specs) in the Bavarian Dining community, a complete rotor spindle with a diameter of 113 m for the wind wheel was installed. It’s a revolutionary invention despite big blue crane failure – fortunately, big blue crane disaster didn’t bring any victims. Nowadays there are plenty of big blue crane photos or video (try search ‘Big blue crane accident YouTube’) – Miller park construction accident became a very significant occasion. Big blue crane accident investigation had no exciting results – the reason of the collapse was in the technical mistake.

In the Deining Wind Farm in the Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz area, one of the most powerful wind generators in Bavaria is located. Hybrid tower of the wind generator Deining 4 was equipped with a wind wheel. The unusualness of this event was as follows: for the first time in history, with the help of a tower crane, a single 70-ton rotor with a diameter of 113 m was mounted. For this purpose, the Liebherr 1000 EC-B 125 Litronic crane was used, the largest and most powerful (with a load capacity of 125 tons) tower crane, which was designed by Liebherr specifically for the installation of wind turbines.

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Lampson crane big blue: solution

To minimize the area occupied by the equipment, the headless crane was built into the foundation of the wind generator. The reduction of the area also made it possible to reduce deforestation to free space for equipment.

Transportation and assembly

Another advantage of this heavy-lift crane is its relatively easy transportation without the use of heavy-duty vehicles, which played an important role in this project. The energy complex in Dining is located in a wooded area, so it is quite difficult to get there. In addition, the space required for the installation of the crawler crane of this model takes only about half the area necessary for the installation of usual classic crane systems.

Close interaction and individual client solutions

As a part of this project, specialists from Max Bögl from the area of wind energy have worked closely with the team of experts from the Tower Crane Solutions. The announcement was made by the head of the company. ‘The ability to apply various know-how in this area to ensure the proper quality for our customers is crucial to the successful implementation of the project, in the particular, to solve new problems, for example, during this unique installation.’