Column Delivered by a Self-Propelled Module

pile of intermodal containers

OAO UralKhimMash shipped the column equipment for a subsidiary of OAO Rosneft. The vacuum column C-102 was dispatched to the client – OOO Novokuibyshev Lubricants and Additives Plant – by motor transport. Equipment weight is 90.4 tons, height – over 38 meters. The column has a variable internal diameter: in the top part, the diameter makes 4 meters with the body wall thickness of 25 mm, in the bottom part, it is more than 2 meters, and body wall thickness is 22 mm.

A vacuum column is intended for separation of base oil into light components (heavy hydrocarbons, vapors of light hydrocarbons containing up to 1% of hydrogen sulfide H2S, diesel fraction, light and heavy oil. This equipment is used in the raffinate hydroconversion unit.

A special self-propelled module PowerMax by Faymonville was used in this challenging operation to transport the column, considering its substantial weights and dimensions. The transporter is fitted out with trailer gear having motorized axles which are set in motion by an auxiliary motor and help the loaded haul combination climb the gradients. The transporter length makes 58 meters.

Under implementation at Novokuibyshev Lubricants and Additives Plant, the development program covers construction of new units, retrofitting and upgrading of existing facilities, expansion of commercial products line. In 2012, bidding activities were performed and equipment purchased, with continuation of greenfield construction and installation works related to the hydroprocessing complex and hydrogen production package. Installation of process equipment at RHC unit and installation of tanks with the volume of 1,000 cubic meters has started in its tank farm, including mounting of vessels at the hydrogen production unit.

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