Lots of companies passed the registration for Breakbulk China 2018

Breakbulk China 2018 in Shanghai

The event under discussion is one of the most prominent occasions in Asia. It was carried out on the 27-28 of March 2018. It was organized in Shanghai at the World Expo Exhibition and Convention center. The number of participants of the forum exceeded 5,000. Among them, there were about 2,000 exhibitors and 400 VIP carriers. The preliminary registration was required for the participation. The event was attended by the representatives of various industries, such as:

  • oil and gas
  • industrial manufacturing
  • EPC sector
  • energy resources
  • metals
  • infrastructure, etc.

There were both international and local companies.

high-angle view of high rise buildings

There were plenty of interesting issues observed, such as:

  • the longest bridge on the sea
  • the support of Southeast Asia ports
  • the competitive career market of China
  • tanks and pressure vessels, etc.

One of the key issues was the construction of the bridge connecting China with Hong-Kong. The construction is enormous. It was connected with the great challenges, which were discussed during the forum.

The program of the occasion was diverse. It included:

  • conferences
  • seminars
  • showcases
  • lectures, etc.

There were lots of facilities offered for the guests. They could have rest or have breakfast at the Chinese restaurant Red Lion not far from the event’s location.

To find out the schedule and detailed program for 2018, it’s required visiting the site.

Breakbulk China: general data

Breakbulk China is one of the most significant events for the logistics sphere in Asia. Many famous companies and sponsors come to visit the forum. The event is organized on the annual basis. The place for the conference is always Shanghai because it is the largest Chinese city and the greatest financial center of the country. Besides, it is also a large transportation center, which is one of the most significant in the world. The Expo center, where the Breakbulk forum is carried out, is situated 40 kilometers from Pudong International Airport. Thus, the location is very comfortable to get even for the international visitors. You can either take a taxi or use the subway. The center offers over 1,500 parking lots and many other facilities.

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The breakbulk forums always have a great success. The detailed information about the agenda and program of every forum can be found in the Preview on the official website of the occasion.