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Dutch company ALE Heavylift introduced a new crane AL.SK90, capable of lifting loads of up to 4,300 tons. The car was specially designed and built by the company as part of the implementation of the petrochemical contract in Saudi Arabia. In the design of the crane, the ability to lift loads of up to 100 m and a weight of 3,000 tons was laid.

According to the company, after a small upgrade to the version of AL.SK120 (expansion of the base), the lifting ability of the machine is increased up to 5,000 tons. The cranes can be fulfilled with a standard system of winches for lifting loads up to 600 tons and a system of cable jacks for lifting loads up to 5,000 tons.

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The development of the machine began in the end of the 2006 after several large crane manufacturers refused to create such a crane. By the time 2007 has ended, the actual construction of the crane began, to which 65 companies around the world were involved.


When lifting loads of up to 40 and 100 tons, especially fortified containers with an open top are used as ballast. For the simplicity and convenience of moving loads on each construction site, cranes for construction purpose are used. Types of construction cranes, their purpose, application, advantages, and disadvantages are considered in the article.

Several types of cranes are used for picking up and moving loads on a construction site (building site): self-propelled gantry cranes, mobile construction cranes, tower, zero-rollers, quick-erecting cranes, gantry cranes, cable, and special purpose cranes (floating, flying).

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All construction cranes can be divided into four groups: self-propelled, tower, stationary, special purpose.

Self-propelled gibbet cranes

The most widespread in the construction industry are self-propelled gibbet cranes. This type of crane, depending on the use, can be aggregated by a straight boom, an arrow with a goose, arrows of a tower and a telescopic type.

According to the type of running gear, self-propelled cranes are divided into crawler, pneumatic, automobile, and mounted on a special chassis of automotive type.