Dresser rand CEO announced the supply of the latest compressors to China

Dresser rand news reports that dresser rand will supply components for trains in China. The composition of the cargo includes air compressors (main and auxiliary), as well as turbines. The route of delivery passes through Mongolia & Germany. The final delivery point is China.

As for the timing, the delivery will be made in July 2017 to begin work in 2018.

New products in the Siemens portfolio of air compressors

The assortment of the company “Siemens” was replenished with compressors and expanders by Dresser-Rand. Thus, even more options for choosing compression equipment have been opened to meet all the needs of the oil and gas industry. The company “Siemens” is pleased to replenish the portfolio with products and expertise Dresser-Rand.

  • Axial Flow

They are characterized by high efficiency and reliability; they are ideally suited for blast furnaces, wind tunnels, energy storage in the form of compressed air, and are widely used for air separation, wastewater treatment, and FCC.

  • Centrifugal

Dresser-Rand has a huge and unique experience in the development of centrifugal compressors, and also has advanced technologies for the production of unique DATUM® compressors, which not only provide high efficiency, but also reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Reciprocating

Dresser-Rand ultra-modern piston compressors are available in a wide range: from medium- and high-speed detachable devices driven by an electric motor or an ICE to low-speed large process units with a mechanical drive.

  • Rotary Screw

Screw compressors AXI from Dresser-Rand are able to operate in a wide range of pressures and speeds, and also work with a large number of different gases, demonstrating high performance and reliability even in harsh conditions. Screw compressors Dresser-Rand AXI are an excellent solution for chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, oil refining, and heavy industry.

  • Power Recovery
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Dresser-Rand recuperators are suitable for installation in fluid catalytic cracking systems and catalytic cracking of residual raw materials (RFCC). The power thus generated can be used to drive an electric generator or main blower to regenerate the catalyst, thereby reducing energy consumption during refining and increasing energy efficiency.

Special features of Siemens and Dresser Rand

The newest compressors were created to maintain a high level of efficiency. It can be safely said that this technique is a new standard that is applicable for large installations and will be a real breakthrough in the activities of these two companies: Siemens and Dresser Rand.

The company Dresser Rand is proud of its development. Recall that Siemens is an enterprise that includes Dresser Rand as a subsidiary. The main activity is the development of equipment for the processing, oil and gas and petrochemical industries.