Conference participants – Clipper Bulk Portland Inc. and others

Breakbulk 2018: Clipper Bulk Portland Inc.

The participants of the conference Breakbulk 2018, held in Houston, Union logistics Inc., CTS international logistics and others, discussed all the details of the air and water transport. This year the conference was attended by a record number of delegates – about 100. The geography of the participants is very extensive.

The conference was opened by the report of the Bulk industrial group commercial director, who spoke about the advantages and special features that each transportation method has. The expert carried out a detailed classification and noted the areas of application of railway transporters of oversized cargo.

Representatives of the law firm in their speech noted the risks for logistics companies associated with the US and EU sanctions regimes. This issue has become particularly acute recently when the leaders of the transport business fell under the sanctions.

Performances: Imperial cargo ship


The topic of the sanctions was continued by the head of the company’s logistics department. In his speech, he touched on the topic of high risks of shipping traffic. He also elaborated the problems with the delivery of goods to the ports all around the world.

Also, a performance was held about a unique transportation of 10 columns to the seaport. Adsorption columns were overloaded from barge carriers to barges without the use of berthing capacity. The overload was carried out by the Ro-Ro method directly afloat with the help of 12-axis SPMT axes of the Kin-Mark company. Overload required more than 1,700 technological and ballast operations. This is the first example of the overload of a large number of such goods by rolling on two floating objects in world practice. Also, some extra materials such as the list of seas in Asia were presented.

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A guest from Mexico, Head of Rail Transportation Department A.R.T. Business Group, shared the company’s experience in the delivery of the project and oversized cargo by rail from China.

An interesting case was presented by the Director of the Department of Integrated Logistics and Industrial Projects of GEFCO. The speaker told about the integrated logistics solution for transporting TEREX equipment.

Hoegh Autoliners’ director performed with an impressive speech about locomotive transportation on ro-ro vessels. The example of transportation of 77 shunting locomotives to Cuban Havana was the final point of the presentation.