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In this section of the site, there are photos and videos from various events held by the company. You can watch videos of lectures and master classes held at various events, including exhibitions and conferences. Also here you can see photos of our employees.

What is media?

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Without focusing on discussions about the scope and understanding of the term “media”, we will outline the main processes taking place under the onslaught of the technological development of the information society.

In a broad sense, all these are modes of communication. In a narrower – they are divided into mass communication and means of personal communication.

There is a mass digitization of everything. It’s no surprise at all. This cannot be said about the scale of convergence in the media, as a result of which the role and place of traditional media (even if present in digital form) continues to blur and becomes incomprehensible to the market players.

For us, media is a way of interacting with customers, something that helps us to be closer to you.

Why do we need this?

While the media continues to produce articles and other materials, users independently generate huge amounts of content, which outperforms any major publication with its reach and influence on the audience. Social media aggregates huge amounts of information. The connections that are created between people on the network affect social structures outside of it and often substitute offline methods of communication.

We do everything we can to tell you about our activities in more detail and introduce you to the course of the matter. This also helps us make the necessary analysis of the data. The image of the company is extremely important for us. Analysis of media data including the use of detailed archives allows everyone to see what the reputation of the company is.

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You can always leave an opinion and share with us your thoughts: the very industry of traditional technical support is inevitably partially transferred to the front of social media.

We value your opinion about us!