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About Conxion and ViewSonic

ViewSonic Corporation is the main company whose subsidiary is Conxion. Headquartered in Brea, California, it is a leading international provider of computing, consumer electronics, and communications solutions. Continuing to work on monitor-oriented offerings (including LED-backlit monitors, tablets, projectors, digital dashboards, smartphones, and cloud solutions), ViewSonic, founded in 1987, aims to become the world’s preferred visual solutions brand. The company is one of the world leaders in creating end-to-end solutions for IP-based networks, as well as support services. The company sells its broadband and wireless solutions, as well as headsets in new and traditional telecommunications markets around the world. The firm helps its customers quickly deploy paid access services using existing infrastructure while simultaneously offering a smooth transition to cost-effective, end-to-end IP networks. ViewSonic continues to occupy a leading position in the innovation in the field of visual technology, seeing its mission in building an inclusive and achievable digital future.

Recent achievements

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Conxion and UTStarcom provide an opportunity to use mobile telephony services on board of the aircraft. Conxion recently completed a weekly demonstration flight program in Europe, during which passengers were shown the convenience and safety of mobile telephony during the flight.

During the flight on the Boeing 737-400 aircraft, called Conxion One, the guests were shown not only the real-time high-speed Internet access capabilities of Conxion (these services now include four full-fledged TV channels) but also were offered to use mobile phones with support of roaming for incoming and outgoing calls.

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“By allowing passengers to make and receive calls during the flight, we demonstrated the flexibility of our systems and the high-speed communications provided by them,” said Chris Petersen, voice and cellular project manager from Conxion. “We offered our guests to call their friends and acquaintances who were on the ground at the time when the plane was over the ocean. Practically all the guests called their supervisor first. Both those who called and those who answered the calls were delighted with the quality of voice communication and connection reliability.”