CRST transportation announced about the desire to buy Gardner trucking. Forecasts of analysts

It became known from reliable sources that the transport company CRST transportation plans to acquire a Gardner trucking company. This decision was made on the basis of a long study of the features of Gardner. CRST truck’s management says that the acquisition will be an excellent addition and will be very useful: the trucks will be used for operational unloading and storage, as well as for short haulage.

Analysts of the company forecast an increase in profits and a quick payback. If we briefly talk about the specifics and direction of the company’s work, it can be noted that this enterprise is one of the largest in the territory of California. Also, the company pays special attention to the manufacture of packaging, wooden products. Additional areas of activity are the metallurgical and plastics industry. The company has an advanced logistics network, and also provides warehousing services and stores for various markets.

More about the company: Gardner transport

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Gardner trucking company began its activity in 1859. Today it occupies a leading position in the world in the production of compressor systems. The industrial equipment it produces is widely used in the metalworking and oil and gas industries, in medical institutions, in production workshops and other industries. Each product meets the highest quality standards and the requirements of the ISO 9001 certificate.

The company has developed Gardner logistics and carries out transportation and sale of products practically all over the world.

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The company’s assortment includes:

  • screw compressor equipment;
  • control systems;
  • main filters;
  • water-oil separators;
  • air driers;
  • condensate drainage systems and the like.

Many people decide to buy Gardner Denver equipment, because it has excellent technical characteristics. So, compressors ESM 2-5 are equipped with removable side doors. They provide easy access to various maintenance points.

Forecasts of analysts regarding the integration of CRST transportation and Gardner

To date, analysts predict that Gardner will give up its storage facilities, as well as transportation segments, using a customer base. Gardner has a fairly wide base, created in the course of many years of work. This will lead to increased operational efficiency.

It is also worth noting that CRST is practically the largest transport company in the US. CRST employs more than 8,000 drivers, and the company’s range of services is constantly growing.