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Break bulk Americas is one of the largest events on the territory of America (both North and South). The main goal of this event is to attract top-level shippers for cooperation with service providers. All these services are in one way or another connected with the transportation of goods, including heavy cargo. The main advantage of the developed infrastructure and logistics of this company is that targeted programming will help ensure the maximum development of all skills and strategies used. Thanks to this, you will be able to make your work effective 100%, including using branches.

In addition, Break bulk is a real meeting point with the leadership of leading companies in this field. They are leaders in the field of large-scale shipments around the world, including America. At the same time, forwarders, terminals, logisticians and other influential figures act as exponents. They also act as sponsors. Also, you can include barges, companies that transport equipment, etc in this list.

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Industry experts work during the events on the site, who conduct cognitive lectures on various topics. The meaning of these events is the development of the professional skills of the project participants, as well as participation in seminars that allow the use of guests with different levels of experience.

What is logistics and why it is so important?

Logistics is the most important element of any business. Without effective logistics, production enterprises, trading companies and even small outlets are not possible.

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From an economic point of view, logistics means a system for planning and managing material, monetary, and information flows. By the way, the last element acquired a special weight only relatively recently, in the last 20-30 years, due to the widespread introduction of information technologies in enterprises.

Let’s analyze the concept of logistics in simpler words. In its definition, there are three basic elements.

Material flows are raw materials, components. In order to ensure efficient and uninterrupted production, the purchasing department should acquire all that is needed for production in a timely manner. In addition, it must be delivered on time, without delay.

Movement in the production itself is meant under material flows.

Monetary (financial) flows are the receipt and distribution of funds. For an enterprise always have enough funds on its account, the finance department must clearly monitor all costs and profits and control the movement of money.

Information flows are the movement of information in an enterprise. Logistics is designed to provide such a system of distribution and traffic information, so that everything is extremely simple, clear, and understandable.

This is a classic, traditional definition of logistics, which can often be heard at university lectures. Nevertheless, practitioners would formulate a different definition.


In simple words, logistics is the way to deliver the right product at the right time to the right place at the right price and in the right (proper) condition.

Imagine an enterprise that produces metal products. It receives orders with its own specifications, so storing finished products in the warehouse does not make sense. Therefore, every time an enterprise receives an order, the manager needs to check the availability of the necessary material and, if necessary, add additional information if it is not enough. The operative solution of all these issues is logistics.

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Imagine a factory for the production of dairy products. They need to be delivered in time to retail outlets. In addition, you need to adjust the supply volumes all the time; seasonal fluctuations in demand affect the number of products that remain unsold after their expiration date has occurred.

By the way, in everyday life, most often, we need transport logistics, that is, the art of delivering goods in the optimal and most effective way. The question of logistics in international and multimodal transport becomes especially topical when the goods need to be delivered by several modes of transport (especially if they are perishable).

Thus, logistics in simple words is the art of delivering goods on time and at the lowest cost.

Coordinators for Houston September events and others

In order to become a part of these events or simply to learn more, you can contact our representatives:

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