Cordstrap’s banding starts a new era in cargo lashing sphere

Strapping: the history of development in the US

In the past, cargo owners used steel strapping to deal with cargo lashing. Such a solution was connected with the great danger. There were plenty of cases when such bandings got broken.

As a result, people were hurt (including the strapping person and other people). What’s more, steel strapping has always been connected with large insurance costs because of the frequency of accidents. Besides, the break of the straps can lead to the loss of cargo, thus, provoking more money expense.

Today the representatives of the sphere start thinking about safety. The shippers try to avoid any threatening situations. The innovations become more and more preferable. Woven strapping is now one of the leading means for cargo lashing. Such a decision allows avoiding many problems, for instance, risks of sheering and damage to the sensitive loads.

Lots of cargo owners used to think that synthetic straps are applicable only for the light and small cargoes. However, such straps are complete in terms of strength and might be used for the cargoes of any weight fraction.

The Cordstrap polyester strapping was not the first. Initially, the company used the lines of rayon, which were held in place by glue. Such a solution had several drawbacks. For example, it was not resistant enough to various weather conditions. As a result, the product became weaker over time.

Polyester Cordstrap’s products appeared in the 1970s after the innovative plastics development. In the beginning, new glue was used to keep the lines of fiber together. However, some time later, the extruded plastic coating was created. The initial strength of the straps varied from 300 to 2,600 kg. The application of innovative technologies allowed Cordstrap modernizing their buckles and controlling the elongation. Thus, the strength now varies from several tonnes to 20 tonnes.

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The advantages of composite Cordstrap’s product

Polyester strapping manufacturer demonstrates the advantages of the solution. Composite Cordstrap’s strapping is known for:

  • safety
  • slight tension
  • elongation
  • great strength
  • non-abrasiveness
  • ease of application.

As the Southern Bracing systems director claims the application of steel straps requires more time and special safety gear in order to avoid cuts. It is connected with great expense.

Cordstrap as one of the main polyester strapping manufacturers keeps developing the product and promoting it on the market.