The Country will still have its Gold

yellow and white plastic container

In the second half of 2013, OOO RRL Logistics Moscow implemented a large project on delivery of two packages of the air separation unit from Shanghai to the village of Tygda in Amur Oblast, Russia. The consignee was gold mining company OAO Pokrovsky Mine. Overall quantity of the cargo included fifty 40-ft containers and 16 oversize bulky items. The longest piece measured 34 meters, maximum diameter of the carried bulky item: 4.7 meters.

Before to start the project, the survey was conducted to choose the most optimal delivery route in terms of timeframe and cost – through the Port of Heihe from Chinese side and Blagoveshchensk Port in Russia. This project was unique, as the whole cargo was supposed to arrive at the territory of the RF as a single lot for block customs clearance. A combination of marine (river-sea vessels), river (ferry), motor and rail transport was used to deliver the containers and outsized parts. The entire quantity of cargo was delivered on time within 40 days.

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