Find out everything you wanted to know about the crane lg1750


Not so long ago, only domestic equipment was used in the construction industry and now we can evaluate the efforts of foreign machine builders by all criteria. In the world of truck cranes, Liebherr, Germany, whose cranes are tested to the same extent as deposits in banks of this country, is the undisputed authority.

Liebherr truck cranes are implemented on a chassis system of their own design, which mainly distinguishes them from other manufacturers who install their equipment on the machines of other companies.

Drawing conclusions, we can say that the German cranes are most adapted to complex problems, where any problems are excluded, for example, when the crane engine is adapted for driving the roads.

Unique model lg1750

Liebherr LG1750 is a unique mobile crane of increased carrying capacity. The upper crane construction is based on the LR1750 crawler crane, which is placed on a mobile 8-axle auto platform.

The lifting capacity of the crane is 750 tonnes with the length of the main boom at 140 m. The maximum speed of the auto platform during transportation is 80 km/h.

Mobile crane with a lattice boom LG offers the versatility of a 750t crawler crane with the mobility of a rapidly moving mobile crane. For the LG1750 model, Liebherr used the crane swivel platform and the crawler crane LR 1750, as well as the eight-axle chassis of the most modern design with speed-dependent rear axles.

The construction

It is a new 750-ton self-propelled crane with a lattice boom. Liebherr made the range wider thanks to the crane with a lattice boom LG 1750. It mixes a wide selection of 750-ton crawler crane with the mobility of a fast-moving truck crane of the same category of load capacity. For the LG 1750, Liebherr used the crane swivel platform and the crawler crane LR 1750, as well as the fully redesigned six-axle compact modern chassis. Four very strong and large-sized hinged beams form a star-shaped support with a support base of 16 x 16 m. They dominate the exterior appearance of this special crane chassis.

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Technical details

  • Max. carrying capacity: 750 t at 7 m departure
  • lattice boom: 21 m – 140 m
  • lattice boom extension: 28 m – 105 m
  • engine chassis/power: 8-cylinder Liebherr diesel engine with turbocharger, 500 kW
  • crane engine/power: 6-cylinder Liebherr diesel engine with turbocharger, 400 kW
  • drive/steering: 16 x 8 x 16
  • movement speed: 80 km/h
  • total counterweight: 650 t.