Liebherr ltm1400 is a new crane, about which we collected all the information of interest

The wide use of electronics for the control of the drive and the crane guarantees high safety, easy operation, and high productivity of this 400-tonne machine.

The possibility of lifting to a height of 122 m and a reach of up to 92 m determine the range of application of this crane.

Equipment Characteristics

  • Carrying capacity: 400t
  • main boom type: telescopic
  • main boom length: 60 m
  • lattice boom extension: 84 m
  • dimensions according to the supports: 9.50 x 10.00 m
  • transport length: 18,45 m
  • transport width: 3,00 m
  • travel speed: 80 km/h
  • operating weight: 84 t
  • total counterweight: 140 t.

Mobility and multi-variance – that what distinguish truck cranes used in construction or loading and unloading operations from slow-moving tower cranes. Where there is no way to install a stationary crane, truck cranes come to the rescue. Their capabilities are wide and the range of applications is extensive.


The presented Liebherr LTM 1400 mobile crane is considered one of the best in its class. Having 84 tons, it is the most compact and maneuverable. This advantage is achieved by an improved steering scheme for the rear steering axle.

Taking into account the latest electronics system, which controls the movements of the installation, it allows not being afraid of the operation of the LTM 1400. Thanks to this system, it is much easier to control the equipment in conditions of dense urban construction. The maximum speed and maneuverability allow this model to move easily in the city. Proven propulsion systems can significantly reduce fuel and maintenance costs compared to other manufacturers of this class. In addition, we can say with confidence about the increased environmental compatibility of Liebherr TM 1400 engines. The maximum carrying capacity of 400 tons, the maneuverability of the semi-axle undercarriage and the reliability of the electronic filling open up a wide horizon for the use of Liebherr LTM 1400 in various types of construction.

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