Learn all about the new crane lr1250 – real German quality

LR1250 is an updated 250-ton Liebherr crawler crane. The main boom of the crane was strengthened to increase the load capacity. There was also a system for self-assembly and self-loading on the trawl so that the LR1250 can be quickly installed into the working position without an auxiliary crane. The intelligent control system allows you to move and position the goods with particularly high accuracy even on objects with limited visibility.

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Due to the fact that the main boom has been strengthened, as well as an innovative control system, the load capacity of the Liebherr LR1250 hydraulic crane model has been increased to 250 tons. In addition, the technique of the well-known manufacturer has a number of other important qualities. If you need a universal assistant on the construction site, the use of a crawler crane of 250 tons by Liebherr is the optimal solution to the problem.

The use of the 250 t Liebherr LR1250 crawler crane will professionally solve a large number of tasks on the construction site.

Specifications of the Liebherr LR1250

  1. Efficiency. The working equipment, in which each unit is carefully designed, is multifunctional.
  2. Manageability. Rent a crawler crane of 250 tons is advantageous as all operations of crane Liebherr LR 1250 are performed accurately and smoothly. Liebherr is famous for its technologies and progressive control systems.
  3. Security. It plays an important role in working with large loads at high altitude, so the machine is equipped with numerous rafters, stairs, spans, and electronic sensors.
  4. Universality. The manufacturer has provided the possibility to use the technology, including ones developed for quarries to load soil. For this, a bucket is installed on the crane.
  5. Convenient logistics. The manufacturer was able to optimize the overall dimensions and weight of the machine. It also facilitates the transportation task and the ability to disassemble the crane. The second crane is not needed.
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