Crane model lr11350 and its features, as well as the main projects

In this material, you will find information on a crane model for construction work. Also, here are media materials, with which you can study the details of the appearance of the structure and evaluate its scale.


  1. Max. load capacity: 1350 t at 12 m.
  2. Max. cargo moment: 22,748 t.
  3. Basic boom: 30 m – 150 m.
  4. Lattice boom extension: 12 m – 114 m.
  5. Derrick arrow: 42 m.
  6. Rotating platform/central ballast: 340 t/30 t.
  7. Derrick ballast: 660 t.
  8. Engine power: 641 kW.
  9. Travel speed: 0 – 1.08 km/h.
  10. Total counterweight weight: 990 t.

lr11350 crane work

The complex of works for JSC “USK Most” on the lifting of panels and the assembly unit is executed. The construction site of the APEC-2012 Summit is a cable-stayed bridge on Russky Island.

Installation of the first 10 panels of the main metal beam of high rigidity is executed. The total weight of blocks raised on the height of 70 meters on Russky Island is 3146 tons. The total length of the assembled section is 120 meters. Turned and lifted to a height of 70 meters assembly unit weighing 365 tons. The assembly unit, which will be used to connect the channels of the channel span of the bridge is so: length – 52 m, width – 18 m, height – 15 m, weight – 365 t. During the ascent, the assembly unit is rotated 180 degrees, rising to a height of 70 meters.

The lift was made on a complex trajectory. The crane load capacity was 1% of its rating. The stock of approaching the bridge and crane structures was about 1 meter. The work is performed with a crawler-mounted Liebherr LR 11350 crawler crane in a tower-like design, with a 66-meter main stern, a 36-meter long jib, derrick-boom and a super-lift system. The panel was turned to the final position for longitudinal and transverse angles of inclination by using the hydraulic lifting system SARspin, which allows the canting of the load when it is suspended on one hook.

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The lineup

The Liebherr range of special vehicles includes a variety of special vehicles. Crawler crane 1350 tons Liebherr LR 11350 is a modern unit that has a high load capacity.

Modern technical equipment and multi functionality make it possible to widely use this model of the crane. Especially, this special equipment is in demand on construction sites and large-scale production. By renting a crane of 1350 tons, you will avoid significant costs for its maintenance.

Specialties of the model

The Liebherr LR 11350 crane is unique according to the following reasons:

  • big capacity load
  • easy transportation with no extra costs
  • quick mount
  • availability of various rifle systems
  • economical usage of the fuel
  • automatic system of control over all operations.

The multi functionality of this model makes it possible to easily and comfortably use it for performing a variety of different tasks, each of which will be performed without interference and loss of the quality of the result.

Given the high cost of the crane, many companies prefer to lease a crawler crane of 1350 tons for a certain type of work.